there is a miracle in every mess

Connect with the Savior

Power. Love. Sound Mind.

2 Timothy 1:7

Be the Mom you were meant to be

Mom Power will help you feel...

Power and Confidence you have never felt before

Learn ways to stand with PEACE in any storm, find JOY in any circumstance, hear TRUTH, FIGHT an adversary determined to destroy your family, and CLAIM your power as a Daughter of God.

Use your divine gifts to support God’s glorious work!

Mom Power Training


Feel peace that comes only from finding the Savior and knowing He is with you.

Mom Power Training


Feel the love of the Savior for you and be able to give that love to others.

Mom Power Training


In God’s eyes, trials represent growth, not failure. Learn to see God’s hand in your life.

Mom Power Training


Hear messages of hope as you learn tools to help you overcome fear and despair.

Has life turned out different than you planned?

Mom Power will help you gain...

Unshakable Faith

Learn POWERFUL TOOLS to STAND FIRM and unshakable in Christ.


Learn what’s distracting you from confidence and DIVINE PURPOSE. Stay in tune with the Spirit and STAY CONNECTED to the Savior’s strength and peace each day.


CLAIM YOUR POWER and gain a new perspective.

Mom Power Reviews

Hear from some empowered moms
Words that describe my experience with MOM POWER.  Joyful.  Hopeful.  Inspired. Testimony. Empowering. Direction. Prayer. Scriptures. Journals. Patience.  Giving.  Gratitude. Atonement. Recognition. Team. Spiritual. Growth. I look forward to adding to my word bank as I continue to strengthen myself through the faith, confidence and redeeming love of my Savior.
Mom Power Testimonial
I have loved being part of this Mom Power Class. It has been an amazing uplift for my life right now. Karen is very amazing and has such a great message to share in such a loving and honest way. I feel so inspired with the messages and information presented. I want to use these principles in my life every day. I highly recommend it for all women!
Picture of happy woman from mom power training
I want you guys to know what an incredible class this has been. I’ve never been into self help books much so I wasn’t sure what to think about this class! I LOVE IT!! It’s amazing because I find myself sharing so much of what I’ve learned to help others. Thank you so much for all you guys are doing, and for all that I am learning. It has truly been life changing.
Mom Power Testimonial
Mom Power Training

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(Yes, Mom Power is really FREE. No strings attached, no catch. We know what motherhood is like, and sometimes it’s really HARD, especially when our loved ones don’t make the choices we would like them to. We have tools to help and want to share with ALL moms!)

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If you are struggling in any way–know that you are NOT alone. We are “Mothers Who Know.” We have been where you are. We have felt the stress, heartache, overwhelm, and even hopelessness you may be feeling. We can help. Please reach out. We are here to help and support in any way we can.

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