Mom Power Training is part of Mothers Who Know and a program of Life Changing Services.

A Tool to Help see your success!

Mom Power Calendars

The MOM PoWeR calendar is about restoring identity and remembering your purpose, which is to support God and His work. Success is defined and tracked in a peaceful and mindful way.


MOM PoWeR Calendars: Your Secret Weapon

"MOM PoWeR": Women who stand with and for the Savior, Jesus Christ, to support God’s great work.

The MOM PoWeR Calendar is a training tool designed to instill within your mind and spirit the power and weapons needed to claim the “fruit of the spirit” (Galatians 5:22). 

It is designed to help you be a mother who is peaceful, strong and confident in the storms of life. 

It will help you protect and defend your family as you guard your testimony and put God’s cause first. 

Using the calendar daily helps you remember your purpose is to support God’s purpose. It helps you to “stay by the tree”.

“Accomplish Your Goals Through Small and Simple Things” by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Introduction Video

Mom Power Calendar training

Just a little note: we have updated the MOM PoWeR calendar look, so what you download will look a little different than what you see in this video. The new version is waaaaaay cooler!

MOM PoWeR Calendar Downloads