Mom Power Lesson 1 There is Only One

Lesson 1 – There Is Only One

MOM PoWeR training starts with this powerful lesson.

Learn there is only ONE Savior, and it’s not YOU.

In this lesson you will learn to stand with and for the Savior Jesus Christ, but not replace Him. As you apply this in your life, you will gain a whole new perspective. You don’t have to be your children’s Savior, they already have one! You get to be the MOM.


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  1. Start using your MOM PoWeR calendar, especially the PWR squares. (Watch the training video above and then download your favorite calendar.)
  2. Find ONE person you can mentor, someone you can talk to and teach just ONE concept or principle you learned in class that helped you. It can be a daughter, friend, neighbor, Relief Society sister, your mom, or anyone the Lord guides you to talk to.
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