Mom Power Training You are God's Secret Weapon


Find peace, purpose, and clarity for yourself and those you love.

Your call is to use your divine gifts to assist God in His great work. The enemy will be afraid of you and afraid of what you can do, powerful mom. He wants to take you and your family out, but you have learned to FIGHT. You are God’s secret weapon to accomplish His great work.


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Additional Resources and Training

  • ”The Perfect Lie” video.
  • “Be an Atmosphere Angel”, watch this short video with Karen and her son.
  • Inspiring Short: “The Power of Not Knowing” | Liz Wiseman | Watch this short video clip from BYU Speeches.
  • “You Are the Women He Foresaw” Video Presentation from the April 2022 General Conference
  • “Self-Care Made Simple” Video
  • ”Fear Not,” Tad R. Callister, December 2010 Ensign:  “Can you imagine anyone having a problem God cannot solve? He always has a solution that will advance our eternal progress. That is both the reason for and essence of the Atonement. That is why Mormon said, ‘Ye shall have hope through the atonement of Christ’ (Moroni 7:41).  There is no question about the Atonement’s capacity to provide solutions for our problems. The scriptures are abundantly clear on this point. The real issues are these: Will we embrace those solutions? Will we choose the world’s answer or God’s answer? Will we repent or rationalize, seek God’s grace to overcome our weaknesses or “go it alone,” acknowledge God’s love in times of tragedy or spurn Him at every downturn in life?”
  • ”The Law of the Gospel,”  Brad Wilcox,  8/1/15 BYUI devotional “a game my friends and I would play on long bus rides home from debate trips in high school . . . was called Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Without breaking the rhythm of slapping our knees and clapping our hands we had to call out someone else’s name or number. Anyone who made a mistake had to go to the back of the bus and slowly start moving toward the front again one seat at a time. Inevitably, when I had almost made it to the front I would mess up and get sent to the back. I felt like I was making no progress. What I realize now is that wherever I was sitting on the bus, the bus was still continually taking me toward home.”
  • Order your ebook copy of Momma Trauma, Now What: Finding Hope When Your Child Battles Pornography or Other Challenging Issues


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