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Momma Trauma


Hard copy of Momma Trauma Now What? Finding HOPE when your child battles pornography or other challenging issues.

For those that prefer to read a hardcopy of the book Momma Trauma, Now What by Karen Broadhead. This is a companion book to the Mom Power Training Course.

Finding HOPE when your child battles pornography or other challenging issues.

How can Momma Trauma: Now What help you?

If you’re a mom who’s riding the emotional roller coaster with a child trapped in addiction or another challenging issue, this book will guide you to a place of stability and peace.

Learn powerful tools from a mother who has been where you are now.

Karen Broadhead has first hand experience with Momma Trauma and can help you with valuable tools and truths.

Understand that you are not alone.

Many others have struggled in similar ways to you. Read the stories of other women who have found solace in the principles Karen shares.

Understand the adversary’s strategies and how to defeat him by aligning with Jesus Christ.

Learn how Satan attacks mothers who are hurting and how to harness the power of the Atonement to defeat him.

Connect with Resources to support you.

Learn valuable ways to connect and feel the support of others who have been where you are.

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