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Lesson 1:

Mom Power training starts with this powerful lesson.

Learn there is only ONE Savior, and it’s not YOU. In this lesson you will learn to stand with and for the Savior Jesus Christ, but not replace Him. As you apply this in your life, you will gain a whole new perspective. You don’t have to be your children’s Savior, they already have one! You get to be the Mom.

Learn about the “Truth Tool” and how to use it.

We all hear things in our head on a daily basis, but is every voice in your head a trusted voice? How can you know what comes from a loving Heavenly Father and what comes from a different source? Learn what TRUTH looks and sounds like as you begin to recognize different voices.

Claim the power you can receive through Christ.

Notice all the blessings you are receiving and the hand of God in your life. Notice the power you receive as you work your MOMPWR calendar and your PWR goals. Notice how many times the adversary tries to take away your power and make you believe something false. You are amazing!

Living messy is okay! We can see the miracles in our messes.

We can see how powerful our loving Heavenly Father is making us. In this lesson you learn that in every war there are battles, and sometimes we get wounds, but ultimately we will WIN. You will also learn about the scientific application of spiritual principles in “the spin,” also called “why people do dumb things.”

Power weapons for a powerful mom!

2 Timothy 1:7 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”  As you learn to “Stay by the Tree,” you will be empowered to see things from a heavenly perspective. Also learn about how to “claim your field” and understand how to use the “chemical scale” and to stay at the tree.

Ways to overcome fear and move forward.

Most of our negative emotions have a basis in FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real.  Learn how to use “warrior chemistry,” a strong spiritual response with a physical reaction. Implement mom warrior chemistry in your own life to neutralize your own mood battles. Stand in the spirit God gave you to defend your truth and defend your family.

Find peace, purpose, and clarity for yourself and those you love.

Your call is to use your divine gifts to assist God in His great work. The enemy will be afraid of you and afraid of what you can do, powerful mom. He wants to take you and your family out, but you have learned to FIGHT. You are God’s secret weapon to accomplish His great work.

Step out of your comfort zone and build your team.

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More. God often leads us to teams that have the spirit and message we need at a given time. The group, or team, lifts us so we may be able to bear our burden or helps us grow to release ourselves from what binds us. Who is on your team? 

Recordings of Weekly Live Mini Classes

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